Doctor Teams

Our Teams

We have recently implemented team working within the practice. GPs within these teams will share patient lists and we believe that these teams will continue to offer the high level of care for our patients.

You will still have an allocated named doctor, but you have the choice to see any GP within your team. Some of our GPs will continue working outside of these teams and are able to see any patients registered at our surgery.


Blue Team

Dr Alison Challens

Dr Katherine Teare 

Sheryl Humphrey - Blue Team PA

Green Team

Dr Vicky Stephenson

Dr Susannah Worsley 

Sue Vincent - Green Team PA

Orange Team

Dr Alistair McKibbin

Dr Lizzie Madden

Liz Clarke - Orange Team PA

Pink Team

Dr Richard Gaunt | Dr Nicholas Brown

Dr Lisa Ferro

Diane Mason - Pink Team PA

Purple Team

Dr Nicholas Waters

Dr Sarah Rayne

Lesley Motto - Purple Team PA


White Team

Dr Christine Voss

Liz Clarke - White Team PA

Yellow Team

Dr Gavin Durrant

Dr Liz Watson 

Lesley Motto - Yellow Team PA

Supporting GPs 

Dr Ruth Palmer

Dr Lucy Gains

Dr Ben James

Dr Jess Abbey