COVID-19 Vaccinations

COVID-19 Vaccinations

We know some of the information has been hard to follow so we've done our best to make it as easy to understand as we can. 

There is very strict guidance regarding the order patients should be vaccinated and we will contact patients directly when required by the Goverment Schedule. More information is available on the NHS.UK and Gov.UK website 

Unfortunatly we cannot offer advice or additional information regarding the COVID-19 Vaccinations or estimate when you or your family may be vaccinated. Please try not to phone the surgery for COVID-19 Vaccinations queries as we are experiencing very high volume of calls and we want our lines to be as free as possible for people who need us. 

Currently vaccination appointments are by invite only, please do not attend for a vaccination if you have not been invited as you will be turned away.

We hope this helps, stay safe!

Our Progress

1st Vaccine Given

2nd Vaccine given

We're a whopping 94% of the way though our target for first vaccinations!

We are making great progress but please bear with us! Please do not call us, if your records show you to be eligible we will contact you.

We are currently inviting patients aged over 45 for vaccinations.

We currently do NOT have permission to lower our age for invites yet. We will invite patients as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience!

More information on the cohorts is available on the .Gov websites.

Please try not to contact us with vaccination queries, we are trying to keep our phone lines free for patients that need us.

What to expect on the day

How do I prepare for my appointment?

  • Come alone if possible.
  • If you are able, please wear a face mask or face covering.
  • It will help us if you wear clothing that gives easy access to your upper arm.
  • We are trying to limit use of our toilets, so if possible, go before you leave home.
  • Do not bring unnecessary bags or belongings into the building.
  • You are required to wait at the practice for observation for 15 minutes post vaccination, please wear a warm coat as this will be in socially distanced tents in the Rowden staff car park
  • Please bring any walking aids with you – there will be an approximate 50 meter walk through the practice, if you feel that this will be challenge please let someone on the door know on arrival.


Currently vaccination appointments are by invite only, please do not attend for a vaccination if you have not been invited as you will be turned away.

Our Most Asked Questions

When do I get my vaccine?

At the moment we are vaccinating many older people and care home residents. We will be inviting patients as we are able and advised and we are unable to speed up any vaccinations for any patient

The NHS will contact patients directly when we are able to vaccinate them. Please note: You are unable to request an earlier vaccination, change your vaccination slot, or offer it to someone else. 

We are required to follow guidelines provided by the UK Goverment and NHS England and are unfortunatly unable to offer information as to the vaccination delivery. More information is available on the GOV.UK and NHS.UK websites.

Can I have a earlier vaccine?

We ask that all patients please wait for the NHS to contact them. Your appointment date, time and location will be clarified when your appointment is scheduled. 

We understand many people want to be vaccinated as soon as possible but we must follow Government guidelines. 

Do I have to have it?

No, it is entirely your own choice.  

We hope our patients will want to be vaccinated but you can choose whether you are vaccinated or not. We hope you will use reliable materials to make an informed choice.

If you have a vaccination appointment booked and decide you do not want to have the jab, please inform us so we can offer your slot to someone else. 

If you would not like to have the vaccination at all please tell us when we contact you. Please do not contact us with your vaccination preference until you are contacted by our team. 


Which Vaccine will I recieve?

We currently cannot clarify which vaccine you will recieve and we do not offer patients the choice of which vaccination they recieve. 

You will receive two of the same brand of vaccination up to 12 weeks apart. 

We are not able to offer a specific brand of vaccination. 

Will I be able to park?

We are vaccinating a large number of patients per clinic. This will put pressure on parking spaces. 

There is off street parking and a patient car park. If you have no mobility issues, we ask that you consider the off street parking. This will leave parking spaces for patients with mobility issues. We ask those that can to consider alternative methods of travel where possible. 

We have Traffic Marshalls on site who will direct you on the day. Offsite parking may be suggested for those waiting to collect patients.

How long will I wait on the day?

We will be working as quickly as possible. We hope to keep queues to a minimum but please do come prepared for inclement weather.

To avoid long queues, you should aim to arrive at the building entrance no more than five minutes before your appointment time. When in the queue please maintain social distancing.

Whilst we aim to keep to schedule, we will give priority to those with a disability and invite them in on arrival (subject to capacity). This may mean a slight delay for some.