Clinics We Offer

Appointment Invitations

We are now able to send online bookable appointment invitation links to our patients who have mobile or email addresses recorded in their records.

This will allow our registered patients to book these appointments at their convenience without the need to call our surgery. Please be aware that for any telephone calls booked, the time is an approximation and you will be called on the date booked. 

If you are unsure if any text messages or emails with invitation links are legitimate, please email with a screenshot of the message and we can confirm if this has come from us.

If your mobile number or email address has changed, please let us know and we can update your records.  Alternatively, you can update this on SystmOnline/Airmid app or the NHSapp and we are automatically informed of these changes.

These invitations are sent out by Birthday month.

blood test

Annual HbA1c Reviews

We run a programme for patients with certain conditions to check their annual blood sugar levels (HbA1C) in order to monitor for Diabetes. If you have any of the following conditions, you will be invited in for an annual blood test:

  • Pre-Diabetes
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome
  • Chronic Pancreatitis
  • Diabetes in remission


Asthma can be a frightening condition but we aim to optimise your asthma control so that you are able to use the minimum amount of medication to manage your problem well.

Come and see us in surgery, or see our dedicated asthma nurse to discuss your management and get your annual check up. You will also need to be seen annually to have any existing prescriptions updated.

We offer telephone consultations by appointment to discuss medication questions and give advice.

More information on asthma can be found at the National Asthma Campaign website.

Cancer Care

Cancer Support Reviews

Rowden Surgery now offer personalised care for our patients living with and beyond cancer. 

If you are diagnosed with cancer, we can offer the choice of a face-to-face review or a telephone appointment to help you talk about your cancer experience and concerns. 

We offer this support to you on an individual basis and may take different formats, such as discussing a diagnosis and treatment, offering lifestyle advice, reviewing medication or supporting you with your other pre-existing conditions.

You will be given the opportunity to raise anything you wish to discuss & together our nurse can go through any concerns and jointly agree a plan that supports self-management, signposting to other places for further advice or for anything that you feel you need support with. 

a baby lying on a bed

Childhood Immunisations

We offer a comprehensive childhood immunisation programme. The immunisation clinic is run by our nursing team every Wednesday from 10:30 - 12:30. 

Children will automatically be sent appointments at the appropriate times. We strongly believe that prevention is better than cure and feel that it is essential that children are protected against these potentially serious diseases.

See the NHS Website for more information on the vaccination timetable: Vaccinations & immunisations | Toddler | Start4Life (


Cervical Screening: Smear Tests

Try not to put off cervical screening. It's one of the best ways to protect yourself from cervical cancer.

Cervical screening (a smear test) checks the health of your cervix. All women and people with a cervix aged 25 to 64 should be invited by letter.

We know it might be daunting, but our qualified nurse will do her best to put you at ease.

Contact the surgery to book your appointment. Your results will be sent to you in around two weeks.

For advice on what will happen during your appointment visit:



All doctors offer advice on family planning and methods of contraception. We also offer emergency contraception through our triage service.

Several of our doctors fit intrauterine devices (coils) and contraceptive implants.

Please contact the surgery to make an appointment regarding contraception.


Diabetes Clinic

Diabetes is a serious illness that requires regular follow-up. We can provide most of this care within the practice, but we also use external services provided by outside agencies where appropriate.

The nursing team will perform your annual check and review your recent blood test, management of co-existing diseases that impact upon diabetes and referral for insulin support where needed.

There is lots of helpful information at the Diabetes UK website.


Diabetes annual reviews

Your annual review will consist of an initial appointment in the LTC (Long Term Condition) Clinic followed by either a telephone or a face-to-face review with our Diabetic nurse.

You will be invited via text message or letter to book an appointment in the "HCA LTC clinic"

Please let us know your mobile number in order to receive the text invitations.


Influenza, Pneumovax and Shingles

Annually, from the end of September we run a programme to vaccinate eligible patients.  The surgery will not send you a letter inviting you but may send you a text message if you have let us know your mobile number. To make an appointment in one of the scheduled flu clinics please phone our reception team.

If you are over 65 you will also be eligible for a Pneumovax immunisation (if you have not had this previously). Please mention this to the receptionists when you telephone us to make your appointment.

If you are between 70 - 80 you may be eligible for the shingles vaccine, Please contact our team to make an appointment.


Stop Smoking

This service is altered due to COVID-19. We are currently offering a telephone consultation service only, This will still enable you to access medications and support from our specialist nurses. We can offer a limited amount of telephone consultations, however, there is a link below for further support services.

Hopefully your first stop smoking consultation will be a positive experience, we are here to encourage and support not to judge, and are happy that you have made the first step.

We will need to ask a few questions to find out your smoking history and talk about what you have tried, if anything, before.

We will go through the options available, from all types of Nicotine Replacement Therapy and the final decision on what to use will be yours.

We know that stopping smoking is not easy but rest assured you are no doing it alone, we are here to help every step of the way.

Don’t think that because you have failed to quit before that it means it will be the same again, research has shown that many smokers have had up to seven quit attempts before they have finally quit for good.

Your family are usually very happy to support you on this journey, a massive 73% of children worry that their mum or dad will die because of smoking.

This could be the most important thing you can do for your own health, the health benefits start quite quickly with your risk of a heart attack being halved after just one year of stopping smoking.

With so many positives what have you got to lose?


Maternity Care

Antenatal Clinics are offered by our local midwife team at Chippenham Community Hospital.

Following confirmation of pregnancy, you should contact the maternity unit for delivery at either Chippenham Birthing Centre (01249 456434) or at the Royal United Hospital, Bath. The midwife team can answer any pregnancy related questions.


a large pair of scissors

Minor Surgery

Several of the partners perform minor surgery for a variety of conditions. Your registered doctor will discuss the options available with you. 

We offer an joint injection clinic and minor ops clinic offering skin tag removal, cyst removals, removal of ingrown nails and lots of other minor operations.

Please discuss with your GP for more information.